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I'm a Denver based photographer, specializing in Fine Art portraits, Fantasy, High-end Fashion, and Aesthetic Boudoir.


My photography is not limited to these genres - I simply enjoy working on unique, complex and challenging projects that have a lot of space for creativity and require a strong skill set. 

I love to give you a possibility to unleash your inner self, to experience something unusually beautiful and dreamy. Even more, I love to see your reaction when you realize that this surreal beauty is your own image, captured through my lens!


It is never solely about taking photos, it is about giving you a possibility to experience a dream photo session that will bring to life great parts of your personalities you never knew you had.

Find me at

Experience a luxurious photo session 
that will melt away all insecurities. 


I want to know YOU


I want to capture the most authentically beautiful, mesmerizing portrait of you. I want it to represent everything that is important to you - everything that makes you 'YOU'. So, lets's connect!

We might be going for a stylization that will be different than your daily self. That what dreams are for, right? Nevertheless, I would love to keep the original beauty of your personality. As Irene Adler said: "Do you know the big problem with a disguise? However hard you try, it's always a self-portrait." I want to use this self-portrait to create the most mesmerizing image that will still show you as you are.

Consultation and Advise


I'm here for you to answer your questions and to guide you through all stages of your project. I will gladly assist you with searching for an ideal location for your dream project, consult you concerning the outfit and give any other relevant advice you might need. 

I will gladly talk to you or meet in person if you live somewhere near Denver to go through all details that will make YOUR project special. I'm here for you. I mean it. 

Fun, Guidance and Lightshaping


I'm a photographer and a model with almost 15 years of experience so I would gladly provide you with any advise that you might need when we will be working on your dream photo session. From helping you with posing to creating the most flattering light and provoking genuine, beautiful emotions on the face - no matter what would it be - I got you covered. 

Why is it important? I'd like to show it to you... Go to the dark room, stand in front go the mirror with the light of your smartphone on. Highlight your face from one side. Move the light around your face. Do you see how different it looks? It can be either flattering, either very odd. I'm here to take care of it while we are shooting to make it work for our advantage.

Outdoor and Indoor


I defiantly prefer to shoot outdoor as Colorado is mesmerizingly beautiful state. Nevertheless, If you feel for the indoor photo session  I have a studio with different backdrops. I can also find a styled studio if it is something that you desire. 

Custom - Made Attires for Rent


You are most welcome to bring your clothes for the photo session. If you would like to add something unusual and unique I have a wide variety of custom made attires, couture gowns and simply beautiful outfits.

Possibility to have TWO Photographers

Often I shoot alongside my husband Dillon, who is a talented photographer with scrupulous attention for details. If you would like to have two professional photographers working on your dream project from - he can be shooting with me. 

It is a great option for all kinds of photo sessions as it allows us to capture unique photos from different angles. Some emotions last for just a second - it is a huge advantage to be able to capture it from 2 different points of view. 

High - End Photoretouching

All images I provide are scrupulously retouched and edited with my signature techniques. I never settle for mediocre. I love what I do and I do what I love so it makes editing an exciting process. After all, it can be viewed as 'digital magic' - a finishing touch that makes the  final masterpiece complete. 

Delivery of Photos

All edited images will be uploaded to the online gallery where you will be able to view and download them in the original resolution. Additionally, there is an option to purchase more photos. I could create a gallery wit the remaining shots for you to chose from. After you would select your favorite additional images I will edit them and send them to you. 

If you would like you favorite photos to be printed we can do it for you. We work with printing company that works with professional photographers only and has the best quality of prints. Yes, we checked the quality of other companies. Now we are certain that you will get the best quality product. 

Frequently asked questions and things you might be curious about but don't want to ask directly.


I'm horrible at posing - I'm not photogenic at all!

Sincerely speaking, this stigma shall stop once and for all. You are photogenic and beautiful! Most likely you were simply photographed from not the best angles, with not so flattering light and by people who see beauty in the way that doesn't resonate with your understanding of what is Your Beauty

I will help you to look like the best version of yourself that you see in your mind. If you don't know what is this version - I will help you find it. 

Do you photograph men? 

Of course, I do! I work with everyone whose soul desires something different, beautiful and unique. Boudoir is the only type of project that I don't work on if the model is male. There is nothing wrong about these photo sessions - I just don't shoot them. 

Do you shoot weddings?

We do - we have a separate website specifically dedicated to the wedding photography and all love stories that Dillon and I photograph.  Check out 'Mr & Mrs Rich' if you would like us to photograph your special day. 

Do you work with kids?

I photograph kids with great pleasure. I love how adorable, unique and genuine those photos are. 
Additionally, our puppy, Erik is a huge fan of working with children. We often take him for such photo sessions as he knows exactly how to bring the best smile out of kids and how to pose with them. 

How long is the typical photo session?

It depends on the project. Our priority is to make you feel comfortable and to capture the best images possible. We feel very strict time constrains make for a stressful experience that we want to avoid. So, in a timely manner, we will shoot until we know we have the shots we need. 

Can you ensure a quick turnaround?

I certainly can. I edit fast without loosing on quality. I love it, and I am curious to see the final results as fast as possible. 

Usually it will take 1-2 weeks to process the images. it depends on the photo session and my workload. If you need your photos in 48 hours - I can do it for a reasonable price. I will need to know about it before the photo session to be able to accommodate my schedule accordingly. 

Do you model?

I do, mostly for my husband. I simply love his style and he is remarkably good at photography.

I'm a perfectionist when it comes to photography. I'm my worse critique, and that helps to ensure that I always do my best to create meaningful and mesmerizing images. I'm also demanding as a model because I know how it can look when I have my camera in hands. I simply know that Dillon will always take the best shots no matter the circumstances and conditions of light. 


I don't have pretty clothes for my dream project.

I got you covered! There are all types of outfits, gowns, couture, custom made dresses, fantasy and medieval clothes that are available for rent. To make the image complete, we also have all sorts of various complimentary props, from crowns, metal claws and leather details to swords and replicas of pistols. 

How do I start?

Easily and stress free. Contact me so we can connect and discuss your project. I want to get to know you and what it is that your soul desires to be able to bring it to life in the best way possible!


Can you photograph my pet?

Absolutely! I love to work with animals. There are so many possibilities to capture unique, funny or classy photos of your fluffy friend. 

P.S. If you think that all pet photos are the same - I will surprise you. Pets can look very fashionable and stylish.


What my clients say about their experience:


Kirra Collins
"Ellie was absolutely phenomenal throughout the entire process. From setting up the location, discussing my goals, and capturing every moment! Her costumes and wardrobe are absolutely stunning. Such an Incredible photoshoot I can’t wait to work with her again! I am absolutely mesmerized by her stunning photos I love every one of them!! 100% recommend her stop looking for photographers and message her already! She’s absolutely the best!!"

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Ellie Rich