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Ellie Rich Fashion model Fashion Photographer

In the tapestry of existence, our bodies stand as the dwellings that house the very essence of who we are. An abode, it can be riddled with disarray or adorned with harmony. Yet, let us ponder, what worth is found in appearances if the very foundation crumbles beneath the facade? Today, we are inundated with promises of swift resolutions, offering ephemeral solutions that merely veil our desires for genuine improvement. Instead of embracing the artifice of a healthy visage, let us prioritize true healing—a healing that nurtures our physical and mental realms. Dear seeker, care for yourself, not for the illusions others perceive. Listen intently to the whispers of your body and mind, for therein lies the key to authentic growth. Strive, evolve, and march forward until the tapestry of tomorrow paints a picture that fills you with delight, vitality, and an insatiable curiosity to step boldly into the embrace of the next day.

And know this, my dear, transformative journeys need not be paved with exorbitant expenses or burdensome prescriptions that drain rather than empower. If you seek to transform your life and savor the beauty of each passing day, I beseech you to embark upon these 6 effortless steps towards better you in the brighter tomorrow.

 • Listen to yourself - your mind and body give you hints on what can do you good.
• Wisely follow your big and tiny desires. It is important to feel that you are getting what you want.
• Say yes to the healthy and yummy food. It will improve your state, health, look and the way your organism functions.

• Be active! If you don't have time for the gym you can always stretch and make some easy exercises at home, while watching your favourite series, for example. If possible use stairs instead of the elevator, walk more if you can reach your destination without driving.
• Start to treat yourself with care. It will pay back in marvellous ways.
• Get to know yourself better. Accept and love yourself - it is a first step towards the great changes and development.
• Try to learn something new each day. Knowledge is weightless - it can not burden you if you put it to use. The more knowledgeable you are the more self-reliant and aware you become. Be a master of your life and it will smile at you.


Ellie Rich Fashion Model and Portrait Photographer

Amidst the grand march of life, love weaves its enchanting tapestry, intertwining souls with tenderness and grace. We find solace in adoring our kin, our chosen companions, our beloved children and faithful pets—a love born of affection, respect, and gratitude. Yet, dear seeker, have you encountered the enigmatic realm of self-love? Rarely are we taught the art of cherishing ourselves, for the world, in its myriad ways, magnifies our flaws and whispers reasons why we fall short. A labyrinth of distractions impedes our growth, deterring us from the transformative actions that can reshape our lives and redefine our perception of this wondrous world.

Know this, it is paramount to unravel the depths of our being, to behold ourselves through unclouded eyes and perceive the path we yearn to tread. When we wholeheartedly embrace our present selves, we hold the power to metamorphose any aspect we desire, to shape the person we yearn to become as the future unfolds its embrace.

Should you find yourself grappling with obstacles that hinder your progress or seek guidance in forging ahead, fear not, for I stand as a steadfast ally. I am here to empower you, to lend wisdom on transcending limitations, to navigate the realms of body and mind, unlocking the gateway to transformation and unfathomable possibilities.

Aside from photography, I can to assist you as: 
• Life & Mindset Coach 
• Fitness Advisor

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