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Ellie Rich model, Fashion model,  Fashion Photographer

In some way, our body is a house where our personality dwells. It can be messy or it can be clean and tidy, and yet what does it matter if the foundation itself is falling apart? Nowadays there are so many 'fast working solutions' that are only masking what we want to improve. Faking healthy look instead of actually improving the health and helping people to feel better...Care about yourself for yourself! Listen to your body and your mind. When you are concentrated on getting better for real - the rest will come. Improve, evolve, develop and go forward till you are truly satisfied with who and where you are, with what you are capable. Proceed till the picture of tomorrow makes you happy, energetic and curious to take a step into the next day.


Not always you need to pay a lot of money and proceed with exhausting recommendations that make you feel more drained than empowered... If you want to change your life and enjoy every day more try to follow these 6 easy steps towards better you in the brighter tomorrow:

 • Listen to yourself - your mind and body give you hints on what can do you good.
• Wisely follow your big and tiny desires. It is important to feel that you are getting what you want.
• Say yes to the healthy and yummy food. It will improve your state, health, look and the way your organism functions.

• Be active! If you don't have time for the gym you can always stretch and make some easy exercises at home, while watching your favourite series, for example. If possible use stairs instead of the elevator, walk more if you can reach your destination without driving.
• Start to treat yourself with care. It will pay back in marvellous ways.
• Get to know yourself better. Accept and love yourself - it is a first step towards the great changes and development.
• Try to learn something new each day. Knowledge is weightless - it can not burden you if you put it to use. The more knowledgeable you are the more self-reliant and aware you become. Be a master of your life and it will smile at you.


Ellie Rich Model, Portrait Photography, Fashion Model

Do you love yourself? Are you familiar with such kind of love? As we march through life we love our relatives, our chosen person, kids and pets - it comes naturally as a result of affection, respect, gratitude and many other positive reasons that awake this feeling. But what's about self-love? No one teaches us for real how we shall appreciate ourselves, moreover, the world shows us why we are not enough and what is wrong with us in so many ways. So many things are dragging us away from the development and moving forward, from the actions that can change our life and the way we see this world... 


It is crucial to know who we are and to see with eyes unclouded where we want to be. When we embrace who we are at this moment we can change whatever we want and be the person we desire to be in the future to come. 


I'm here for you if there is something you struggle to overcome or if you need guidance on how to push further, how to change your body or mindset.

Aside from photography, I can to assist you as: 
• Life Coach 
• Fitness Advisor
• Nutrition Expert 

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