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ELLIE RICH in front of the lens.

I started my creative journey as a photographer with a great love for art creation. With time it appeared that my soul, which is always hungry from new artistic exploits can benefit from modelling as well. Must say that it was easier after almost 15 years of experience as a photographer because I knew exactly how to pose and from where this particular position shall be captured to have the best results.

After a long journey of my artistic discoveries, trials and experiments my soul is strongly inclined towards one genre - Fine Art/Fantasy Photography. Perhaps I simply love to bring visions from reveries to life or to enchant this realm with something more unusual and dreamy. Maybe it's about the ploy of light and shadows that alone can create unrealistically looking photos that express an idea, some sort of a message or set of emotions that only live in the imagination - in the brief moment when the shot was captured. Each time it's a new adventure that exudes with freedom and something new, something that makes reality more vibrant...

Well, I simply love what I do and I do what I love!

Fantasy/Fine Art

Fantasy/Fine Art

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