Denver Fine Art Portraits and Boudoir Photographer | Ellie Rich

Denver Boudoir, Fine Art, Fashion and Fantasy Photographer.

Dwelling in Colorado - Working Internationally.

I was a dreamer since I remember myself… Vivid pictures of the most unreal and spectacular reveries are always parading in my mind fueling my imagination – good that natural predisposition for engineering and unstoppable desire for active development made me an artist who does not linger over those marvellous pictures but who brings them to life!
Over the last decade, I dived into many forms of making visions real and that’s what I enjoy in life the most. I started as a teenage photographer and student in Modelling & Acting Agency – both paths gave me a good foundation to explore further. Currently, I’m occupying myself mostly with photography and modelling (sometimes simultaneously, in the most creative forms), outfits & graphic design, Digital Marketing and Troubleshooting. Additionally, I support some of my clients as a life coach and a fitness advisor.

My curiosity to discover more was always motivating me for further artistic exploits, therefore I’m constantly honing my skills and crave to annihilate any boredom that may appear on the horizon.

I think I was born to create and my mind is always full of ideas that don’t let me be passive. Thanks to my mother since my childhood I was involved in various artistic ventures like playing in TV advertisements, TV shows, singing, leading festivals and fashion shows where I would sometimes also be a model. I simply couldn’t stay away from the artistic world, nor I wanted to.

I do enjoy everything that I do and I do what I enjoy! It is as simple as that – because life is too short to get engaged in activities that put your spirit down… I love to create something that gives people the feeling that dreams are real, I’m glad to see the excitement and happiness of those I worked with because they are satisfied with the results, I enjoy uplifting people and showing them that they are as great as they can allow themselves to be.

Scope of Activities: 

• Art Director 

• Designer 

• Photographer 

• Creativity Dealer 

• Model - Muse

• Certified Fitness Advisor and Nutrition Expert 
• Certified Life Coach 

• Troubleshooter 

• Intelligent beast on a daily basis


Photography is an amazing playground for those with dexterous minds and neverending flow of ideas! 


I walk through life and share a passion for creative projects, adventures and continuous development with my husband - Dillon.   We work together, supporting each other and sharing the joy of every new experience. We are soulmates who operate with an incredible synergy, which allows us to achieve the best results when it comes to work and to make every project unforgettably sophisticated! 

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