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• Art Director • Photographer • Model-Muse • Designer • Certified Fitness Advisor & Life Coach • 


First of all, I want to express cordial gratitude for your interest in being part of "SPOTLIGHT"! It means a lot that you have an active interest in this creative, daring and beautiful venture of artistic souls. 


"SPOTLIGHT" is all about the cooperation of those who can see elegant beauty in everything, who seek artistic development and who are passionate about what they do. Everything we do happens in a welcoming and friendly environment with a proper spice of business-professional ethics. I believe that life is more entertaining and enjoyable when those with bright minds are uplifting each other. When they work smart to be the change they want to see in the world, be it general ideas or creation and showcasing of high-quality, meaningful works of art. 

You are most welcome to apply if you share these ideas and you believe that we can share the mutually beneficial joy of creating! 

Fashion Editorial and Fine Art Photography
Fashion Editorial and Fine Art Photography


Are you socially active person?
Which genre of photography are you interested in?

Thanks for submitting!


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Ellie Rich



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